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Frequently Asked Green Barley Grass Questions

What Time of Day Should I Take My Barley Grass Supplement?

There are three main times of the day people consume barley grass.

1. Many people prefer taking barley grass in the morning to help get their day started right. Barley grass contains a smorgasbord of nutrition, so taking barley grass in the morning can help get your day off on the right foot.

2. Some folks also use barley grass in the mid to late afternoon to help them finish their day strong. We are advocates of taking barley grass throughout the day to provide a steady supply of nutrients to your diet. Approximately every teaspoon of powder or every 7 tablets are the equivalent to one serving of veggies, so the more barley grass you can take throughout the day, the more veggies you'll be adding to your diet! Even if you prefer barley grass powder, we highly suggest keeping a bottle of barley grass tablets in your desk at work so you can take a few tablets here and there throughout the day.

3. Barley grass is also a great post-workout recovery option. After exercising, your body needs to recover. With a plethora of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, barley grass is a great way to help kick start your recovery! If you currently take a recovery or protein shake, simply mix in some barley grass powder with your drink - it's that easy! Or, for a tasty treat, make a smoothie and add in a serving of barley grass powder.

Should I Take Barley Grass With or Without Food?

The great thing about barley grass supplements is that they are akin to whole foods, which means you don't need to take barley grass with food in order to absorb the nutrients like you do with some vitamin and mineral supplements. In fact, we'd recommend taking barley grass without food. This way the barley grass has your digestive tract's full attention, and your body can more fully utilize the plethora of nutrients.

How Should I Mix Barley Grass Powder

We suggest mixing barley grass powder with fresh apple cider or not-from-concentrate orange juice, like Florida's Natural. For those avoiding sugary juices, you can use V8 or tomato juice. Some people do mix the powder with water, but the taste is rather green so we suggest sticking with juice if possible.

To fully mix the barley grass powder with juice or water, we suggest using a shaker. We have found that shakers mix the powder much better than using a fork to stir in the powder.

How Much Juice Should I Mix with Barley Grass Powder

Some products provide guidelines for how much juice to mix with the barley grass powder, so you can follow any specific guidelines provided on the product's label. If a product doesn't provide any guidelines, then you can follow our broad suggestion of mixing barley grass powder with anywhere from 6 to 12 ounces of juice. We provide a wide range because some folks only mix barley grass powder, while others mix protein shakes, psyllium, etc. along with their barley grass. If you're just mixing barley grass, then stay more toward the 6 oz suggestion, while if you're mixing a host of other things then go more towards the 12 oz suggestion.

I Have (Fill in Whatever Condition You Have or Medication You Are Taking). Is barley grass safe for me to take?

This is a question that we can't offer any advice on, so we recommend consulting with your personal healthcare practitioner as he/she better knows your individual situation and what is best for you.

This is my first time taking a barley grass supplement. Any advice?

Barley grass is a very nutrient-dense supplement. So if this is your first time using a barley grass supplement we recommend easing barley grass into your daily routine. By gradually introducing barley grass into your daily routine, you'll give your body a chance to acclimate to this powerful superfood.

Many brands recommend 1+ teaspoon or 7+ tablets a day. If this is your first time using barley grass, however, we suggest starting off with a much lower dosage. Start with maybe ½ teaspoon (or even a ¼ teaspoon) or 1-3 tablets per day. Then slowly work your way up until you are taking the recommended dosage each day.

How do I know if I'm taking too much barley grass?

You will know you are taking too much barley grass if your bowel movements turn green. This simply means your body is not able to digest all of the barley grass you are taking. If you are taking your barley supplement once a day, consider taking it twice a day and lowering the amount consumed each time. If you are already doing this, lower the amount you are taking and over the next few weeks gradually increase your dosage.

How Should I Store My Barley Grass Supplement

In general, store your barley grass supplement in a cool, dry place. Most barley grass products will have storage instructions printed on the label, so follow any specific advice on the label.

Some folks ask how to store barley grass supplements in the summer when it is really hot and sticky in their house. If your house is really hot and humid in the summers, we recommend storing your barley grass in the freezer. Do not store the barley grass in the fridge as condensation may occur.

Are There Any Supplements You Recommend in Conjunction with Barley Grass?

Yes, we do have a few recommendations.

Our first recommendation is one of the best all-around supplements: Dr. Morter's Trace Minerals. This supplement is so wonderful that a few of us at One Stop Barley have been using Dr. Morter's Trace Minerals for well over a decade now. With its 70+ trace minerals, Dr. Morter's Trace Minerals will help ensure you are getting many of the minerals that might otherwise be lacking in your diet. Because Trace Minerals come in a liquid form, they are easy to take - simply add 5-10 drops to your barley grass drink.

The second product we recommend is a chlorophyll supplement called Chloroxygen. Many folks use barley grass as a great way to add chlorophyll to their diets. Every 18 drop serving of Chloroxygen delivers 50 mg of chlorophyll concentrate, which will help build red blood cells and will also help increase your hemoglobin's capacity to capture oxygen in the lungs and distribute it throughout the body.* Plus, Chloroxygen also acts as an intestinal deodorizer and offers liver protection.*

* The products and the claims made about specific vitamins, supplements or other items, equipment, or procedures on or through this website have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or healthcare professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. Please consult with a licensed doctor or physician before using any supplements, starting any diet or exercise program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

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