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More Veggies = A Healthier You

It should go without saying that the more veggies you eat every day, the better your chance for a healthier, more vibrant life. Unfortunately for many folks, eating their vegetables is not part of their daily routine. In fact, according to PINES International, 90% of Americans don't eat the daily recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables[1] - it's no wonder the quality of health is so poor for millions of Americans!

Increase Your Veggie Intake with Barley Grass

How do you increase the amount of vegetables in your diet? Well, you could eat more spinach and more carrots, and we certainly advocate that you do. Try adding a handful of baby carrots to your lunch and a side salad to your dinner.

Another simple way to add vegetables to your diet is with a barley grass supplement. "But wait" you might say, "I thought barley was a grain, not a vegetable?" Let us clear any confusion by discussing briefly what we mean by barley grass. When we talk about barley grass, we are referring to the barley plant while it is still in its grass stage and before it turns into a stalk of grain. While barley is in the grass stage, it is closely related to green, leafy vegetables. In fact, barley grass is superior to green vegetables because it "contains much more of the beneficial phytonutrients [than is found] in an ounce of green vegetables."[2]

Serving Size of Barley Grass

Barley grass supplements come in two forms: a power form as well as a tablet/capsule form. Generally speaking, about 1 teaspoon of powder or 7 tablets equate to 1 serving of vegetables. Getting a serving of vegetables has never been easier!

Get 3 Servings of Veggies for just a $1.74 a Day!

A bottle of Alka Green tablets contains 300 barley grass tablets per bottle. A serving size is 7 tablets, which means that a bottle contains just under 43 servings per bottle. At $30/bottle, each serving of Alka Green costs only 70 cents! You could meet the bare minimum of three servings of vegetables for just $2.10 a day! That's a phenomenal deal, especially when you consider a bag of baby carrots often costs just as much.

Plus, barley tablets are a piece of cake to take. Simply pop a few in your mouth first thing in the morning, take a few more in the late morning, and a few more in the late afternoon. All the sudden you might find that you've doubled your daily veggie intake in a minute's time!

It's time you improved your health and your life. Get started today with Alka Green tablets or any of our other barley grass supplements! Here's to a healthier you!

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